Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Turning over a Pink and Gold Leaf for the New Year!

My 2015 RTW Fast was marked by last minute sewing for special events.  I am pleased to say I turned over a new leaf in the final hours of 2015!

Originally I had planned to make Gertie's Bombshell dress for a New Year's Eve wedding in Boston.  I allocated Monday-Wednesday of the week between Christmas and New Year's to sew.  Since my office was closed for the week, I just assumed that lady-of-leisure-me could get it all done! WRONG.  By 3am Wednesday morning, I was only on lesson 9 of 16 of Gertie's Craftsy course (no longer available) and thoroughly enjoying the slow pace and couture techniques.

There was no way I would finish in time for our Thursday train to Boston.  So I stepped away from the sewing machine and went "shopping" in my existing wardrobe.  Turning up a New Year's appropriate me-made dress from December 2010!

Vogue 1174,  a now out of print Cynthia Steffe pattern.

I made Vogue 1174 for my husband's holiday party in London in December 2010.  It was a fancy British affair and I can remember being self-conscious about my me-made frock.  I haven't worn it since.

The pink and gold fabric is from Winmill in Boston.  I cannot remember the details of the dress construction.  This is quite an advanced pattern, as it involves boning in the lining and a 15 piece bodice. I worked on the dress over the 2010 Thanksgiving weekend with much needed assistance from my Mom.

For the Boston wedding, I accessorized the dress exactly as I did in 2010.  I wore a little leather and gold flower in my hair purchased on the day of the London party at Liberty.  I sewed up a matching stole made from the leftover fashion fabric and embellished my shoes with me-made shoe clips using gold organza and a rhinestone center.

Cheers to slow and deliberate sewing in the new year!


  1. Dress is lovely and looks lovely on you. Nothing me-made looking about this!

    1. Thanks Cissie! My poor quality pictures hide a good deal, but I do love this dress and was so glad to rediscover it. Though it took some digging to find it!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Sonja! it was fun and it sure did stand out at the wedding because I was the only guest not dressed in black!