Thursday, April 21, 2016

NYC Sewing Meet Up: Manus x Machina @ the Met

It's almost here!!! The Met Costume Institute's Spring exhibition, Manus x Machina: Fashion in an age of Technology opens May 3rd. The exhibition highlights the tension between machine made (Ready to Wear) and handmade (haute couture) and explores how technology has upended the time-honored view of handmade's superiority.   The exhibition will include reproductions of couture workrooms, as well as 150+ garments and objects.  Video preview of the show here.

I would like to invite you to visit the exhibition with me on Saturday, May 14  +  a post-exhibition lunch  and opportunity to meet other local sewists.

Please RSVP to me at by Friday, May 6.  I look forward to meeting you and connecting over our shared passion!

-Claire (aka Domestic Coquinette)

                                   Schedule of Meet Up Events:

10am: Meet on the North corner of the front steps facing 5th Ave (side closest to 85th St)
 Metropolitan Museum of Art (1000 Fifth Avenue

  • We will plan to visit the galleries from 10am-12:30pm. You are of course welcome to stay for however short or long you would like, or hop to other galleries.  (Could be a good opportunity to visit the Vigee LeBrun exhibition if you haven't already. It is closing on May 15.)
  • Note on ticket price:  Please bring $ for admission.  Admission to the Met is pay as you wish, with the suggested ticket price of $25.  Official ticketing details from the Met are here.  (For unofficial details on why you should not pay the suggested ticket price, see this Atlantic article.  You're welcome 😀)

1pm – 4pm: Drop in for lunch and post-exhibition schmoozing at Claire's in the Upper West Side

  • Note on food:  Please be my guest for a tea party style lunch (scones, tea sandwiches, assorted desserts, etc.) It may be dainty, but it will be plentiful!  Vegetarian options will be provided.  
  • Note on location: My apartment is a 15 minute walk west across Central Park from the Met (5 minutes by crosstown bus).  Address and directions provided when you RSVP to me directly.  


Please RSVP to Claire at 
by Friday, May 6 


P.S.  Feel free to share the meet up details with others in the sewing community via Instagram, blog, word of mouth, etc.


  1. What a lovely invitation! I'm not sure yet if I can come (it's my 10th anniversary on the 13th, so may be celebrating), but I hope that I can!

    1. Would love for you to join, Sonja! But I understand the anniversary celebrations taking precedence. 10 year is a biggie!

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