Thursday, April 30, 2015

Keeping up with the Lululemons!

Have you ever caught yourself in gym class admiring the toned lady on the mat next to you in her perfect little [Insert Overpriced Athletic Wear Here] outfit?  Well, I plead very guilty!



The Fehr Trade Steeplechase leggings made their debut at this weekend's New York Road Runners 4 mile race in Central Park.  Among the almost 10,000 runners, I didn't see a single person with pants like mine. Ahh...the RTW Fasting benefits of not allowing yourself to shop...

                                           Steeplechase Leggings
All it took to sew these up was one lovely Sunday afternoon at my friend Carol's using her serger. Since there are no inseams, the ENTIRE pants are constructed of four pieces.  I cut out a mirror image of these two oddly shaped pieces:

The peacock spandex is from Spandex Lab in the garment district.  Isn't it fun?

Now that I have one pair finished, I'm eager to try the other two garment district spandex stores (Spandex House, and Spandex World) for more fun prints!

Dining Around the City

Murray's Cheese 101 Class
This has been a NYC bucket list item for a very long time!  The seven cheeses we sampled during the class were each excellent and diverse (3 French, 4 American with sheep, goat, and cow representing).  I learned that rennet is made from the 4th stomach of a cow. Who knew?   Still, I left a little disappointed with the (lack of) structure and content of the class itself.  At one point the instructor tried to explain the difference between "funky" and "earthy" cheeses...that was about the moment I decided to just enjoy the free-flowing champagne!

Dirt Candy 
This was my 30th birthday dinner! YES, it is a vegetarian restaurant; NO, we are not vegetarians; YES, the vegetables practically taste like candy.   The korean fried broccoli "snacks" are exactly what I always wished takeout General Tso's chicken would taste like and every dessert was just excellent.  (I know because the four of us ordered all five desserts!!) Chef Amanda Cohen serves some seriously fun and inventive food!

The evening ended with chamomile and snuggling on the couch with Sara, my oldest partner in crime.


  1. Ooohhh -- those make me dream of running! Loving them and especially the handmade goodness!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Annie! Yes, I am quite pleased with how it turned out and the instant gratification was nice. I love your latest Hudson pants in the batik. So pretty and stylish for busy weekends.