Sunday, April 12, 2015

"Mommy & Me": Redux

Yes indeed those are matching "Mommy and Me" skirts!

During my November 2014 visit to see my sister in Raleigh, North Carolina, my mom and I checked out Mill Outlet Village. We picked up a bouclé on clearance for $7/yard, while waiting for the saleslady to measure out fabric for Maman's ambitious beach house slipcover project.

We were both set on making pencil skirts and I bet her I would have mine finished in time for the holidays in France.  Of course, she showed up with the finished skirt (and a coordinating bouclé jacket) and I had nothing to show for myself.

Next, I decided I would finish the skirt for our next Raleigh girls weekend in early March.  Ever confident that I would make the deadline, I asked her to bring her skirt for a "mommy and me" photo.  Instead of finishing the skirt, I found myself on the couch with a friend eating cookies and drinking wine the night before my flight...:)

Maman in Raleigh with her skirt:

We both used McCalls 3830 and I followed her lead on the initial construction. After cutting, I immediately zigzagged the edges to prevent unraveling and interfaced the waistband for stability.

She always sews her lining to the zipper by hand.  Contrarian daughter that I am, I wanted to install mine to the zipper by machine.  So, I made up my own rules of construction without consulting the internet (gasp!).  Instead of sewing the lining in full and then attaching it, I installed the two individual back lining pieces to the invisible zipper.  Next, I sewed up the sides of the boucle BEFORE sewing the lining side seams. Finally I attached the lining to the waistband with right sides together and edge stitched all the way through the boucle, lining, and seam allowances.  If you are a seasoned sewist, you should be shaking your head right now!

(Yes, we are even wearing the same belt!)

I had a feeling something was wrong, so I waited for Sharon to weigh in at our next lesson.  Let's just say that I now understand that I need to sew the bouclé and lining in full before attaching one to another.  For the record, I did reattach my lining to the zipper by hand.  Moms always do know best!

The skirt now looks near perfect inside and out!

Dining Around the City

In early March, we celebrated my dear friend Sara's birthday at Tom Colicchio's Craft, a wonderful special occasion restaurant in Gramercy.  We closed down the restaurant *quite merrily* after four bottles for four people in four hours...What can I say?  Celebrating 30 with your oldest friend is a BIG deal!

Below is a picture of Central Park a few weekends ago en route to my new favorite restaurant: The Cecil in Harlem.  It is a beautiful space with carefully curated art on the walls and a jazz club next door.  The food--afro/asian/southern (!!!)-- is as good as the vibe. In fact, we went back the following week for dinner and jazz with friends.

So ready for Spring!


  1. The skirt is great! Even greater ( for me) you have told me about Mill Outlet Village! How can I live in NC all my life and not know about this place?!! Road trip!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Martha Ann! It's primarily an upholstery/home furnishings fabric store. Definitely had a nice selection if you are looking for home dec.

    2. Home dec - meh! But I love your boucle - Winston isn't near any of the stores but I may check out New Bern this summer when we are at Emerald Isle or, if I am headed East any time, I'll swing by Raleigh on the way. Lucky you though having all of NYC at your fingertips!

    3. Lucky YOU to be headed to Emerald Isle for the summer. I spent many happy summers at Camp Seafarer near New Bern. And my favorite place on earth is Bald Head Island, just south of Wilmington. My husband and I were married there last year. So fun to find other Carolina girls among the fasters!

  2. Lovely skirt and I like that you and your mom have one! Fun times around the city -- four bottles for four people sounds like it was amazing!

  3. Thank you, Annie. It was fun to do a "Mommy and Me" outfit and finally tick a pencil skirt off my sewing list. And, the birthday dinner is such a good memory. We are going out next week with the same couple to celebrate my 30th(!!). I expect we will show a bit more restraint than 4 bottles this time. ;) Hope you get sewing time in this weekend and enjoy that beautiful southern weather with your family.