Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wardrobe Planning for the Season of Love

With the Hallmark DAY of love behind us, I am starting to look forward to the real SEASON of love...WEDDING SEASON!

So far, we have three weddings to attend this year:  Georgia in May, Nantucket in July, and Alabama in September.  Here's what I have on the drawing board for my wedding guest wardrobe:

Dress # 1:

Pattern: Gertie's bombshell dress or bombshell bustier with silk organza maxi skirt.

Fabric: I am using my prized Thai silk, purchased on a work trip to Bangkok in 2013. 

I have already muslined the bustier and cut and basted the underlining to the silk fashion fabric.  

Dress # 2:

Pattern: Anna dress

Fabric:  Baby blue lace from Metro, with ivory crepe de chine lining.

Progress:  None.  

Dress #3:

Pattern:  Gertie's Bombshell bustier + midi skirt

Fabric:  TBD --  Cashmerette's Jenny posted about this silk gazar fabric from B&J and I couldn't help but fall in love with it!  I went to B&J last weekend to check it out in person and am *thinking* of splurging on it for the midi skirt.  

Progress:  None.

Out of the City

This past weekend, we headed up to Spruceton Inn in the Catskills for some R&R.  We spent Saturday and Sunday doing 5-7 mile snowshoe hikes and our evenings enjoying being unreachable.  What a difference a device-free weekend makes!

It was snowing and quite windy for Saturday's hike

The view of West Kill Mountain from our room

Blue skies on Sunday!

Winter Wonderland 

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  1. Great fabric and dress choices. I haven't made the Bombshell but I do love the Anna dress so very much. Good luck!