Sunday, February 15, 2015

Plaid Pixies!

I must have been thinking happy thoughts, because my Pixie dust is working!

This is my 2nd pair of  knock-off J. Crew pixies and I love them.   This time around, construction went A LOT faster than the originals.  The only glitch occurred when I realized that the plaid had less stretch than my initial pair, and I couldn't get my calves in comfortably.  So, I added a 2 inch wide strip of fabric to the side seams and was back in business.  I don't think it's too noticeable, right? 

I installed a couture hook and eye closure by making the "eye" out of blanket stitches--not quite sure what I think of this method, but I'm glad I tried something new.

I ordered the plaid double knit from Emma One Sock. My blog photos really are terrible quality, but the plaid itself is quite good looking!  Since shipping costs were equal to a subway ticket to the Garment District, I plan to order from EOS again soon. 

Around the City:

The French have an expression, "metro, boulot, dodo," that is spot-on for my weekday routine.  But, the weekends are a different story...We have so much fun on the weekends!   Since this is MY blog, I'm going to try to regularly include some snippets of our NYC experiences:

Last  Friday, we went to see Disgraced at the Lyceum.  It was a great piece.  It's the story of Amir, a Muslim born corporate lawyer and his WASP artist wife Emily. Over the course of a dinner party with another NYC power couple (black female litigator married to Jewish museum curator), the characters reveal their experiences on what it takes to "get ahead" as a minority in America, thoughts on jihad and extremism, etc. A very timely piece...

On Saturday, we took Michael's espresso machine to the real Little Italy in the Bronx (aka "Arthur Avenue") for servicing.  We are pretty typical Manhattanites, in that we don't get "off the island" too much, so this was a great little outing! Arthur Avenue lacks the Disney veneer of Eataly or the tourist kitsch of Manhattan's Little Italy.   It's just a great place for no-fuss shoppers to buy high quality ingredients.  I came home with fresh soppressata, fresh cavatelle, truffled pecorino, taralli, arancini, 2 types of homemade mozzarella, and more. Yumm!


  1. Oooh -- adorable. Don't you love it when a project just works? Plaid is so chic.

    1. Ah..thank you! Yes, it's so nice to have a success--I've already worn these pants a ton!

  2. How cute! These look like the perfect pants for a Passover seder