Sunday, January 25, 2015

Two Wrongs Sometimes Makes it Right!

I do tend to get ahead of myself....What i thought was going to be a simple issue free project turned into a real test to avoid the UFO!

Attempt #1:  I set out to tweak the fit of the bodice of my black knit dress and make the next iteration in a green scuba knit from Metro

With the help of my instructor Sharon, I attempted to remove the bunching around the neckline of the black dress and transfer these changes to pattern paper.  We removed some length out of the straps in the hopes that this would rectify the gaping and I also took a small wedge out of the neckline.

I cut the new bodice and hoped for the best.  This was the result:

Still quite baggy!

The fabric is uncomfortably digging into my armpit!

Baggy side view
Attempt #1 was clearly a wadder.  Not wanting to waste the skirt fabric that I had already cut out, I decided to make a circle skirt out of the remaining pattern pieces. 

The skirt as originally intended was too tight in the waist because of the bodice band.

What to do?  I decided to just turn the waistband toward the inside and use it as a facing.  Much better...i now had room to breathe. 

 I struggled top stitching the leather piping until I realized I was using the wrong needle AND foot! I also fought with puckering from the invisible zipper insertion...uggh.

 The end result is... meh.   I don't love it.  But, I don't hate it either. 


  1. I love the skirt. While the top didn't turn out, it made a skirt that would be worn more in my wardrobe than a dress would. I have a scuba knit that I am deciding how to use. You may have pushed me towards a circle skirt.

  2. Vraiment une belle jupe, Claire. Tu t'en es bien sortie!!! ;-)

  3. It's a great color on you. Sometimes you have to go through a lot of 'mehs' to finally score a winning garment.

    1. Yes, i think I am still solidly in the "meh" stage with sewing! ;)

  4. I think it's a great skirt! Nice color. But I've definitely been in the same boat - making something that is just okay. It's kind of disappointing... but hopefully you at least learn something for next time!

    1. Thank you, Becky for your comment here and on PR. Yea, it's terribly frustrating in the beginning learning anything new...I'm just trying to soldier on and have a good time while watching my skills progress!

  5. You never know you may learn to love it. I posted about a year ago about a top that I felt didn't suit me and how disappointed I was. Oddly it is now one of my most worn items of clothing!