Thursday, January 12, 2017

Reflections on 2016 and Onward with 2017!

It's a new year and time to reflect on my 2016 sewing! Here's the breakdown of the 14 garments I made in 2016:

I am most proud of my Bombshell bridesmaid dress.

Most disappointed by Vogue 8663, which shrunk from a dress into a top.

The award for most worn garment is a tie between my silk and wool vest and Colette Laurel.

My Asaka Kimono is the least worn.  I chose this pattern to wear as a dress, but never felt comfortable except on vacation.    

Asaka Kimono

2016 projects that I did not blog include a terrible looking hemlock tee, silk pair of winslows and versions 1 and 2 of the Eleonore pants, a cape made from a blanket, and a refashion of a dress into a top.

V2 of the Eleonore pants

Overall I am pleased with my sewing progress in 2016.  I took more care with my projects and achieved measurable progress toward more professional results. While I still find each new project daunting, the beginner pains are easing.

My sewing goals for 2017 are largely the same as 2016, with a few additions at the bottom:

Early 2017 will be devoted to sewing for weddings.  In the queue is a purple silk kaftan ("Glamorous & Fabulous" in February), the 1/2 way finished jungle bombshell (Black Tie in March), and a TBD purple bridesmaid dress (Semi-Formal in April).

1/2 way finished Jungle bombshell 

I'd like to do a better job this year of interspersing easy and difficult projects and doing more non-apparel sewing, especially for gifts. Adult gift giving has historically stressed me out given my aversion to what I not-so-lovingly call "shelf sh*t." Homemade cloth napkins are first on the list.  I successfully made some for my brother for Hannukah this year and it was an easy, quick, and satisfying sew.

Inspired by Sara in Stitches, I created a workbook in Google Sheets to track sewing projects, fabric purchases, RTW purchases and shoe purchases in 2017.  I inputted my 2016 RTW and shoe purchases and was surprised by the number of purchases. I still feel like I have nothing to wear.

Cheers to filling in those wardrobe gaps in 2017!


  1. I would say you had a good year! That bridesmaids dress deserves to be a favorite. I'm interested in a lot of things on your list for 2017.

    1. Thanks Andrea! Yea, it's an ambitious list but I'm realistic about the fact I won't accomplish most. And that's ok! Will get to everything one day. As always I look forward to seeing your makes!

  2. Your bridesmaid dress is gorgeous! I want a pants sloper too. Although I keep a list most of my sewing is driven by what the fabric inspires me to make -- this is why I am terrible at things like sew-a-longs or the make nine.